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About us

BUD-MASZ was founded by Maciej Stachlewski in 1990

BUD-MASZ was founded by Maciej Stachlewski in 1990 as a company producing advanced sheet metal working machines.

The first machines and production lines manufactured by BUD-MASZ were successfully applied in many industrial plants in Europe and all over the world.

BUD-MASZ machines are also used to produce steel sections of road barriers, elements for the installation of fiber reinforced plasterboards, elements of fencing systems, components of silencers and many others. Our machines enable us to produce a complete metal gutter system, and since 1998 we have also been manufacturing the BUDAN h500 acoustic panels. They are used in the construction of noise barriers and acoustic claddings, whose purpose is to fight against road and industrial noise pollution.

Innovative technical and engineering solutions have won us clients on every continent. What they value is not only the high quality of the products, but also our flexibility and individual approach to each customer’s needs.

25 years of experience have allowed us to expand our business profile. Today we are the biggest supplier of sheet metal working machines in Europe. So far we have installed over 1200 machines, including production lines for roof tiles, trapezoidal sheets, roof ridge tiles and machines for longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet metal. We have often manufactured specialised production lines to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Our machines work on all continents