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road construction
road noise barriers

Road noise reduction

Acoustic facades of buildings
Device noise shield

Acoustic facades of buildings

Acoustic casings on roofs
Silencing the installation

Acoustic casings on roofs

Acoustic shields for devices
Mute devices

Acoustic shields for devices

Acoustic barriers at railway lines
rail noise reduction

Acoustic barriers at railway lines

Industrial acoustic facades
Noise reduction in industry

Industrial acoustic facades

Industrial acoustic enclosures
reducing machine noise

Industrial acoustic enclosures

Noise barriers & acoustic cases

Noise protection

BUDAN h500 acoustic panels
BUDAN h500 acoustic panels
BUD-MASZ continuously for over 20 years deals in the production and supply of materials for the construction of screens and acoustic casings. During this time, our materials have been used in over 3,000 road, rail and industrial projects. 2,500,000 m2 of BUDAN panels effectively protect people against noise in 14 European countries.

We produce anti-noise aluminum acoustic panels

Noise Barriers

BUDAN panels were designed to effectively protect the natural environment against noise. Versatile solutions give an opportunity to adjust panels to a particular source of noise. This is why our panels may be used to reduce noise outside and inside objects, when noise comes from one or two sides.

Aluminium panels are produced in accordance with the customer's needs to facilitate their assembling and reduce the cost of anti-noise protection.

Areas of use :

  • power industry
  • metallurgy
  • mining
  • transport
  • building

Features of BUDAN panels:

  • individual adjustment to the source of noise
  • the best acoustic parameters
  • design (any colour)
  • life-span of at least 50 years (a 120 month warranty) 
  • modularity (easy to assemble)

Owing to their acoustic parameters, BUDAN panels are used to dampen the noise of turbines, ventilating equipment and air-conditioning, crushers, grinders, freezers, etc.

Properly designed casings and noise barriers made of BUDAN panels guarantee 100% effectiveness.

Noise Barriers

Examples of applications


Aluminum acoustic panels


The highest acoustic parameters. Classes A4, B3.


Low construction costs of acoustic protection compared to other technologies.


Total resistance to weather conditions, corrosion and UV.


Class A1 fire-resistant materials. Group 3 scrub fire resistant.


Aluminum coated on both sides in the HOT AC technology. Anti-graffiti coatings are possible.


Light and modular construction enabling quick and cheap assembly without the use of heavy equipment.


Environmental protection - materials used for production are recyclable.


The highest quality confirmed by a long-term guarantee.



our experience

For 25 years the name BUD-MASZ has meant:

  • the highest quality of the products confirmed by certificates , and opinions of customers,
  • modern know-how which uses the latest technology and components from reputable companies worldwide, ultra-modern machines ( CAD technology +CNC)
  • guaranteed service (warranty and post-warranty service) constant adjustment to the needs and wishes of the customer.
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