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Flat sheets - roof tiles - trapezoidal - sine

We produce:

  • flat sheets in sheets
    trapezoidal sheets
    sine sheet
    roof sheets
    roofing sheet

Roofing sheets

Trapezoidal sheets and sine

Standard colors

Coated sheets are painted in "coli-coating" technology on special lines using a continuous process in which the varnished surface is hardened by firing.

It is a process of high quality requirements, with particular emphasis on the coating's resistance to climatic influences and mechanical strength.

The advantage of this process is the ability to shape the sheet without disturbing the elastic and protective properties of the varnish coat. The advantage of the Poliester topcoat is the long-term durability of color in our climatic conditions.

These plates are available in the standard dimension of 1230 x 2000 mm. You can also order sheets of any length.

Aluzinc sheet is a plate coated on both sides with aluminum and zinc alloy in a hot galvanizing process similar to the hot dip galvanizing process.

Aluzinc sheet meets the most stringent requirements for sheet metal resistance to atmospheric corrosion and corrosion in wet environments.

We also offer aluzinc flat sheets with a thickness of 0.50 mm and a width of 1230 mm or 1250 mm.

Flat sheet metal sheets are available in standard sizes (1250X2000 or 1230X2000).

There is also the possibility of cutting metal from a circle to order of any length.

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